The Littlest Fish

The Littlest Fish wants to make friends.  Too bad the other sea creatures only see him as a good meal, rather than as a friend.  One day, The Littlest Fish meets a Giant Fish who says his tummy hurts.  And, no wonder, he’s swallowed Jonah, the prophet who said “No” to God! So, the Littlest Fish said, “Let’s all wiggle and jiggle.” And, from outside they heard the giant fish giggle.  He swallowed some water with one giant slurp and then spit them all out with a thunderous “BURP”!

The Littlest Fish was published in 2008, the last “Littlest” story published by Pitspopany before they went out of business.  It was received with critical and commercial success.  One reviewer wrote,  “…Vibrant color illustrations bring this enchanting story with a strong positive message to life.”  I hope children, parents and teachers enjoy this story.  Click here to read The Littlest Fish.