The Littlest Fish, an original story by Sylvia Rouss with illustrations by Carlos Avalone

The littlest fish went swimming one day,

in search of a friend with whom he could play.


He saw a large octopus with arms open wide.

“Will you be my friend?” the little fish cried.

“Sure little fish, I’d love you a bunch.

As a matter of fact I’d love you for lunch!”


The littlest fish swam quickly away

in search of another with whom he could play.


He saw a jellyfish with tentacles swaying

and called out to him, “Do you feel like playing?”

The jellyfish waved, “You look really sweet.

I bet you would be a wonderful treat.”


The littlest fish darted quickly away

and next asked a crab if he’d like to play?

The crab snapped his claws at the littlest fish.

“Come here, little friend. You’ll make a great dish.”


Off through the sea water the little fish sped

‘til he spotted a shark in the water ahead.

The little fish gulped, “W-Would you like to play?

Oh, silly me, you already have other p-plans for today?”


“I’m planning dinner,” the shark flashed him a smile.

“Why don’t you join me and stay for awhile?”


“I should really be going the little fish said,”

when suddenly, a shadow loomed overhead.


The little fish looked up. There was no place to hide!

Then he saw a great fish with his mouth open wide.

“Ouch! My tummy hurts,” the big creature yelped.

“I’ve tried everything but nothing has helped.”


“What’s causing this pain? I’d just like to know.

My stomach began aching almost three days ago.”


The little fish said, “Keep your mouth open wide

and I’ll swim to your tummy to see what’s inside.”


Deep in the big belly, to the small fish’s surprise,

was a terrified man with tears in his eyes.

“My name is Jonah and I said No!, to God.

That’s why I’m here,” Jonah said with a nod.


“God said, Go to Nineveh and show them the way

that people should live their lives everyday.”


“Instead, I boarded a ship and decided to flee.

Then during a storm I was tossed into the sea.”


The little fish said, ” If you’ll do God’s command

then I’m sure I can get you onto dry land.”


“Let’s work together to get out of this place.”

“Yes,” agreed Jonah with a smile on his face.


From a dark corner, they both heard a shout.

“Can we help too? We want to get out!”

Octopus, jellyfish, crab and shark too,

Waited to hear what they each could do.


The little fish said, “Let’s all wiggle and jiggle.”

From outside they heard the giant fish giggle.


He swallowed some water with one giant slurp.

Then spit them all out with a thunderous “BURP”.

“I feel so much better!” The great fish sighed.

“We feel even better,” the others replied.

“Thanks, little fish, what you did was quite daring.

You showed us the meaning of friendship and caring.”

And, the little fish?  What more could he say?

He had so many friends with whom he could play


The Littlest Fish was published in 2008, the last “Litttlest” story published by Pitspopany before they went out of business.  It was received with critical and commercial success.  One reviewer wrote,  “…Littlest Fish meets a Giant Fish with a terrible stomach ache – because he’s swallowed Jonah, the prophet who said “No” to God. The Littlest Fish finds Jonah and tells him, “If you’ll do God’s command, then I’m sure I can get you onto dry land.” The Littlest Fish helps and befriends Jonah, whose destiny is to save the people of Nineveh. Vibrant color illustrations bring this enchanting story with a strong positive message to life.”  I hope children, parents and teachers enjoy this story.