Purim Fun for Children and their Parents


(sung to Frere Jacque)
by Sylvia Rouss

Ahashverosh, Ahashverosh,
Was the king, was the king.
He wore the crown,
Of Shushan Town.
Ahashverosh, Ahashverosh.

Pretty Esther, pretty Esther,
Was the queen, was the queen.
She was so very brave,
The Jews she helped to save.
Pretty Esther, pretty Esther.

Loyal Mordechai, loyal Mordechai,
Esther’s cousin, Esther’s cousin.
He was a good Jew.
He saved the king’s life too.
Loyal Mordechai, loyal Mordechai.

Wicked Haman, wicked Haman,
Was so mean, was so mean.
He tried to hurt the Jews,
But he was the one to lose.
Wicked Haman, wicked Haman.

(sung to She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain)
by Sylvia Rouss

Oh, we’re on our way to Shushan,
Here we come! (say: Can’t wait!)
Oh, we’re on our way to Shushan,
Here we come! (say: Can’t wait!)
Oh, we’re on our way to Shushan,
Oh, we’re on our way to Shushan,
Oh, we’re on our way to Shushan,
Here we come (say Can’t Wait!)

Additional verses:

We’ll be wearing our costumes when we come. (say: Guess who?)
We’ll be bringing our graggers when we come. (say: Rash! Rash!)
Oh, we’ll have a Purim party when we come. (say: Yippee!)
Oh, we’ll all eat hamentaschen when we come. (say: Yum! Yum!)
Oh, we’ll read the Megillah when we come (say: Hoo-ray!)



4 eggs

1 cup oil

1 ¼ cups sugar

2 tsps. vanilla

3 tsps. baking powder

½ tsp. salt

5 ½ cups flour (approx.)

Beat eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla and baking powder. Gradually add flour and mix. Knead till smooth. Roll out on floured board. Cut dough into 3 inch circles. Place desired filling in center of each round, fold edges, and pinch to make a triangle. Bake on greased cookie sheet at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


For each gragger:

1 ice cream cone

1 vanilla wafer

vanilla frosting

Rice Krispies

Place Rice Krispies in ice cream cone. Use frosting to “glue” the vanilla wafer onto the open end of the cone. Shake the gragger and eat.


1. Spatial Relationships – Using real Purim symbols (ie: mask, gragger), ask children to place it on top of their head, under their chin, in front of their tummy, behind their back etc.

2. Sound Discrmination – Make graggers and fill them with buttons, beans, rice, etc. Listen to the different sounds they make.