A New Journey Begins

Someone either said or wrote, “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  A “Google search” linked me to a site that said it might be authored by Ralph Waldo Emerson, but more likely Aerosmith – who knew?

Over three decades spent with three year old children from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday, ended this past June when I stopped teaching.

Now I am able to spend more time writing, and being a Mimi (the name I chose 6 years ago because I just knew I was too young to be called “Grandma”).  I watch my youngest grandchild, 8 month old Leo, three days a week while my oldest daughter is teaching 3rd grade.

But back to my writing – I am continuing to write Sammy stories, circulating new manuscripts, starting a new publishing company, and working with two co-authors.  The first is my middle daughter Shannan, and we have authored a book coming out this fall, The Watermelon in the Sukkah (KarBen).

My second writing partner is a friend of many years, David Titcher.  We are working on amazing ideas for animated TV shows.  We have “pitched” ideas to Executives at Disney, but so far, Hornsby & Ticker and Slimeballs haven’t made TV Guide, but we are keeping our ideas fresh and our optimism high.

David has a new TV movie coming for Valentine’s Day that I encourage you to put on your “record list” – BE MY VALENTINE starring William Baldwin and Natalie Brown is a Hallmark Channel Original World Premier February 9, 2013.

Dan Farrell, a single father and firefighter unexpectedly falls for local florist Kate just two weeks before his stations’ annual Valentine’s Day fundraising ball. Enlisting her help with the flower arrangements for the party, their relationship starts to heat up. But when Kate’s recent ex returns to town with a marriage proposal, Dan’s date for the dance might just be cancelled, and his new chance at love could go up in smoke.