9 Back-to-School Mistakes Parents Make

My daughter Shannan is the Executive Editor for Glo, an online magazine.   When she recently wrote an article on the “9 Back-to-School Mistakes Parents Make”, she interviewed me.  But to read “Rouss told Rouss” sounded odd, so she used my maiden name.  I especially enjoy writing with my daughter and next year we will have our first picture book published, “The Watermelon in the Sukkah” (Kar-Ben) and then it will read  “Rouss & Rouss” as the authors!

Excerpts  from 9 back-to-school mistakes parents make
Learning Curve

It’s not just kids who have to prepare for a new school year—plenty of
parents could also use a lesson in how to handle the much-anticipated
first day. Glo talked to Sylvia Lietz, an early childhood educator
with more than 30 years of experience, to find out what moms and dads
should do (and not do) to ensure their little one makes the grade.

That’s Classified

“Don’t corner the teacher to share a variety of personal details about
your child while he or she is standing right next to you,” says Lietz.
“Children have ears too and often find this embarrassing.” What’s
more, the first day of school is hectic and the teacher will need to
greet other children and parents. If there is something important to
share with the teacher, Lietz suggests putting it in writing and
letting the teacher know that way.