A BRAND NEW PRINTING by the Author and the Illustrator when the rights to the story reverted ON SALE NOW for $9.99 through the end of this year!

The Littlest Tree is a favorite of children and teachers.  Reminiscent of the wisdom of Dr Seuss’s, “a person’s a person no matter how small”, The Littlest Tree takes it one step further by providing the greatest honor to the smallest of all.

LittlestTreeThe Littlest Tree is one of the most popular of the mostly out-of-print Littlest series.  Reviewed as a “charming tale that highlights of all things, synagogue architectural features.  With a twist on the little engine’s “I knew I could,” the little tree holds fast to “I wish I could” and he does!…Readers will relate, connect and feel sad until a stunningly sweet and surprising…three-hanky ending.”

Now, through the combined efforts of the artist, Ari Binus, and my husband, Jeff, the book has been reprinted and is now available ON SALE on AMAZON.