“See What Blessings Sylvia Rouss has Provided for You”

a world of blessings

From the review of A World of Blessings by the Jewish Book Council.

A World of Blessings is written for children of all ages so pick up a copy, snuggle next to your child and see what blessings Sylvia Rouss has provided for you.

The diversity of themes allows this book to be read all at once, or story by story. The tales are about brave firefighters, courageous families making life-changing decisions, friendship, and even the loss of a beloved grandmother. Though sparsely illustrated for a children’s book, the stories themselves are well written and serve as starting points for sensitive discussions led by a child’s parent, grandparent, teacher, or friend. Jewish ethics are sprinkled throughout, expanding the content for those discussions while at the same time, encouraging solutions based on those values.”

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