My Books for Shavuot

From Ima on (and off) the Bima

Shavuot is a pretty major holiday that gets a pretty major short-shrift in the mainstream world. The grocery stores aren’t putting out their displays for this holiday. (Last year, my family had a great Shavuot observance, which I’m hoping to replicate in some way again this year.) That’s why I was so excited to receive a package of Shavuot books from Kar-Ben Publishing!

No Rules for MichaelNo Rules for Michael by Sylvia Rouss

My kids loved this one. Partly because their dad’s name is Michael, and he is pretty mischievous in this book! A really sweet story about a boy who wants NO rules, and when he gets it…well, you can only imagine.

Sammy Spider's First ShavuotSammy Spider’s First Shavuot by Sylvia Rouss

If you haven’t met Sammy, you should. The cute little spider lives in a great house where they’re always observing Jewish holidays. “Silly little Sammy…spiders don’t celebrate Shavuot, spiders spin webs!” That’s what Mrs. Spider always tells her son…but he ends up celebrating the holiday anyway. Sammy watches the way that the Shapiro family prepares for the holiday. I must admit, this one was a little bit of a stretch for me in Sammy-land, but my kids, especially my own Sammy, loved it.

And from The Owls:

We have also begun learning about the Ten Commandments this week. On Thursday, we read No Rules for Michael, by Sylvia A. Rouss. This book tells the story of a boy learning about the Ten Commandments at school. When the teacher in the book makes the connection between the Ten Commandments as rules for living and school rules, Michael announces that he wishes there were no rules at school. The teacher agrees to try a day with no rules, but Michael discovers that he is unable to get what he needs when there are no rules at school. We then discussed our own class rules, and the children drew and wrote about school rules that they know about. Many of the children thought about things that are prohibited, such as tackling, punching and saying bad words. We then discussed some of the rules about things that we should do at school, including being kind to friends, being a good listener and taking good care of our things