Minnesota Mamaleh:About A Puppy

I am so pleased with the response to my new book about Mitzvah the Mutt.  I so enjoyed this blog Minnesota Mamaleh:About A Puppy that I have listed Galit’s blog as one of my new favorites.  I know you will like her thoughts and observations on Jewish parenting and life.  An excerpt:

About a month Before Louie (BL?), the girls and I read Mitzvah the Mutt by Sylvia Rouss. Mitzvah‘s a cutie, for sure, and really, what’s not to love about a dog muddling his way through the Jewish calendar with his new, beloved family? I read this book to my kids because I never pass up an opportunity to read to them. My kids read it because they couldn’t get enough of Sweet Mitzvah.

Fast forward just a few short weeks later when my own children, blissfully glowing the wehaveadog glow, ran over to Louie to wish him a Shabbat Shalom. Chloe exclaimed, “He totally needs a kippah!” And in my mind, I exclaimed, “We say totally way too often!” And in the very same breath, “Thank you Sylvia Rouss.” Thank you for a book that my children can love and relate to and that inspires them to extend and streeeeetch their Judaism  all the way to Louie