L’Shanah Tovah

A Rosh Hashanah memory from my soon to be published children’s story “Chair-ished Memories”

“Okay, Bubbie, now, it’s my turn,” I looked at my Grandfather’s big chair at the head of the table.

“Just before Rosh Hashanah, Zaydie took me to the grocery store to buy apples and honey so I could help you make a honey cake.  After our Rosh Hashanah meal, I sat on Zaydie’s lap. I watched you slice the cake. You had just filled all the plates when Jordan reached over and grabbed the biggest slice for himself. I was upset because he took the one I wanted! ‘That’s not fair!’ I cried.  Zaydie looked at me thoughtfully and asked, ‘If you had chosen first, which piece would you have taken, Rachel?’ ‘I would have been polite and taken that smallest piece,’ ” I said, pointing at one of the remaining plates. ‘Tada!’ Zaydie exclaimed handing me the plate. ‘Here is the piece you would have chosen.’ I frowned at Zaydie’s reasoning and then I giggled, ‘That’s funny!’ I forgot my anger because Zaydie could always make me laugh. We shared my cake and didn’t even know that some of the honey and apple filling dripped onto the chair.”

Just thinking about that time made me smile.

Dedicated to my mother-in-law, whose Yahrzeit is Erev Rosh Hashanah