I’m sitting at the table with Daddy eating my bowl of cereal when Mommy takes her hand and messes up Daddy’s hair. “It’s haircut day!” she announces. “Danny you can go with Daddy,” she says grinning at me.

I’m three old and I have never had my hair cut but I like watching Daddy get his cut. Maybe someday when I’m grown up I’ll get my hair cut too.

“Hi ya,” says Lynn to us when we get to the salon. She is the lady who cuts Daddy’s hair. Every time I see her, her hair is different. The first time I saw her, it was long and curly. Then she cut it short and colored it dark.  Today most of her hair is black and spiky but there is a pink patch of hair on one side the color of cotton candy. Lynn is chewing gum and she blows a pink bubble the same color as her hair. She looks at me and then the bubble pops and makes a loud noise. I laugh and so does she.

There are three other people in the salon who work with Lynn. Dave is curling a lady’s hair with a metal tube. It’s like magic. One minute her hair is straight and the next it is curly.

Sonya is putting little pieces of foil in a man’s hair that is even longer than mine. Once the foil is in place, she begins painting it with a brush. The foil makes him look like one of my toy robots. I wonder if he came here in his spaceship.

I notice Karla sewing long pieces of hair to a lady’s head. Ouch! I don’t know why the lady just doesn’t wait for her hair to grow.






Daddy sits down on the chair next to Lynn. She wraps a big sheet around him and sprays his hair with water. Then Lynn begins snip, snip snipping with the scissors. Hair flies everywhere making the area around the chair look like a big hairy rug.

Next Lynn takes a shaver and shaves Daddy’s neck. When she is finished she puts goop in Daddy’s hair and combs it. Daddy has a small spot on the back of his head where no hair ever seems to grow but Lynn combs his hair in a way that you hardly notice it except when the wind blows. Then you can see his spot looking at you like a doughnut hole.

When Daddy gets up from the chair, Lynn says, “Time for your ride, Danny.” Every time I come, Lynn lets me climb on the chair and she spins it around and makes it go up and down. It’s my favorite part of haircut day.

I giggle as Lynn spins the chair and then I hear Daddy say, “Now that you are a big boy of three, I think it’s time for your first haircut, Danny.”

I look at my long curly hair in the mirror. I like it that way even though just yesterday the lady at the grocery store called me a cute little girl. Sometimes when my hair gets tangly, it hurts when Mommy brushes it but I’m wondering if those scissors wouldn’t hurt even more! Daddy nods at Lynn and tells me, “Cutting your hair is like cutting your fingernails. It doesn’t hurt.”

I’m still not sure. What if it feels like when the doctor gives me a shot? The doctor says, “This might hurt a little,” when it really hurts a lot.

As Lynn begins wrapping the big sheet around me, I’m ready to jump out of the chair. But then I hear Daddy say, “We’ll get ice cream afterward to celebrate your first haircut, Danny.”

Lynn tells me to sit very still. I listen because I’m scared. I hold my breath, squeeze my eyes shut and try not to move. I begin hearing snipping sounds close to my ear. Slowly I open my eyes and see my curls fall to the ground. Wow! It doesn’t hurt!

I’m beginning to look like a different boy. I smile into the mirror and the boy smiles back. I stick out my tongue and the boy sticks out his. I make big eyes and squinty eyes and so does the boy. I guess it is me!

Lynn begins shaving my neck. It feels funny. When she finishes, I rub my neck and it feels soft and fuzzy like a peach. Then she puts goop in my hair and combs it. It doesn’t look so curly anymore. Lynn uses a soft brush on my neck and sweeps away any cut hair that is left.






“Voila!” says Lynn. “How do you like it, Danny?”



“It looks a lot like Daddy’s,” I say with a smile. “I like my new haircut! Come on Daddy, let’s go for ice cream!”

As Daddy and I walk out of the salon, a soft wind blows and I see the doughnut hole on the back of Daddy’s head and wonder if I have one too?