Getting that Shabbat feeling … all over again

From an article by Donald Harrison, Editor of the San Diego Jewish World:

Grandchildren have a way of drawing you back into synagogue circles.  In my case, it was the desire that a soon-to-turn-4-years-old grandson begin to partake in the joy of Jewish life… For much of the service, a seated Rabbi  performed with his accordion, facing three filled rows of chairs that stretched across the social hall, perhaps 20 or more people to a row.  In upbeat tempo, the rabbi led the children (and adults enjoying the happy renditions), in singing their way through the Erev Shabbat service, utilizing such songs as “I’ve Got That Shabbat Feeling” to get everyone in the mood for such traditional prayers as “Lecha Dodi.”

A highlight of the evening was Edelstein reading “The Littlest Pair” a story in couplets by Sylvia Rouss about the animals aboard Noah’s Ark,  The animals were not very pleased to see termites come aboard, fearing that they might eat through the planks that kept the Ark intact and above the flood waters.   However, the termites solved a different problem that otherwise would have plagued the animals: they created sawdust to keep them from slipping and sliding on the decks as the Ark tossed over the seas.  Noah taught the animals that God has made many creatures, each with its own characteristics, and we need to mindful and appreciative of diversity.  A woman who demonstrated American Sign Language during the reading cheerfully helped underscore the point of the book.

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