First Graders and The Littlest Pair


Earlier this spring, I sat next to Janie, a first grade teacher, at a fundraising dinner.  As teachers, we quickly found “common ground” and spent a lovely evening together.  And, of course, my books came up in conversation.  I wasn’t sure if any of my books would work in the public school but Janie said they would.  Later, I sent her a copy of the Littlest Pair, the story of the two termites meeting resistance from the other animals when they board Noah’s Ark.  Yesterday I received the most wonderful collection of children’s art, essays and the following letter.

Dear Sylvia,
Thank you so much for the autographed copy of your amazing book.  I wish you could have seen my students’ reactions while listening to the story.  They were delighted with the characters and the illustrations.  They really grasped the concept of tolerance; more than a few said, “Martin Luther King and Ghandi would really like this book!”  Princess, one of my little girls said, ” We should not judge termites before we get to know them, even if they are purple.”
Thank you!


And here are just 3 incredible examples of the student’s work.

littlest Pair150littlest Pair152littlest Pair151