Feathered Quill says to add Cherished Memories “to your list”!

Quill says: If you want a special book to use as a jumping off point to share those “cherished memories” with your family, this is one you may wish to add to your list!

This is a charming story of Amy and how she learns about her Grandma’s cherished memories. Of course not all memories are easily seen, especially when they come in the form of stains and spots. The story, which many families can relate to, wind around those fond memories that sometimes come from things you would nominate as least memorable. In this story Amy learns about those special times Grandma cherished that were in her heart and in those cushions. The artwork is simple, yet very appealing. If you have some cherished memories you wish to share, this book would be a perfect book to read and discuss with your children or grandchildren. Click here to read the entire review.