Early Childhood Educators take Sammy Spider to the Next Page

Spiders Spin Webs!

Posted by PJECC Staff

Rosh Hashana came and went, but the Junior class’ obsession with Sammy the Spider, from the book Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashana by Sylvia Rouss, decided to stay. The main line in the book is “Spider’s don’t celebrate Rosh Hashana, SPIDERS SPIN WEBS!” Last week we made a human spider web, but this week we decided it would be interesting to go on a hunt for actual spider webs around school.

We looked up, down and all around and found spider webs in some odd places. We found them in fences, on plants and even in the corner of our toy house!

We noticed that the webs are very sticky. After our hunt was over, it was hard to not keep noticing and searching for spider webs during our free play time. We would call our morah’s over to come take a look at our finds!

After our hunt, we came back inside and made sticky spider webs of our own out of glue.

Our Morah’s helped us squeeze the glue out on the paper, but we moved the bottle to make all kinds of web-like shapes.

Then we put silver glitter over them and watched our webs take form.