Pitspopany, 2003

A direct quote from the book is listed below in bold print, and followed by discussion questions.

“I decided that my scrapbook would tell the story of my life in the city I love. I call it my Jerusalem Scrapbook”
1. What do you love about the city you live in?
2. Have you ever made a scrapbook of your city?
3. Besides photographs, what would you put in your city’s scrapbook?

“Sarah’s family cancelled their trip. She told me that David thinks Israel, and particularly Jerusalem, is unsafe right now.”
1. What have you heard about life in Jerusalem?
2. Where do you get your news about Israel & Jerusalem?
3. Do you have friends or relatives who live in Israel?
4. Have you ever been to Israel?
5. Would you visit Tali now?

“When I was born, we lived peacefully with most of our Arab neighbors. Now there are some who want to hurt us.”
1. What is a war?
2. Which two Arab countries are at peace with Israel?
3. What are the causes of the fighting between Israelis and Arabs?
4. How do you think the fighting can be stopped?

“Unfortunately, life is never perfect. Its okay to be afraid, but we can’t give in to our fears”
1. Has anything ever frightened you?
2. What do you do when you get scared?
3. Whom do you talk to when you are frightened?
4. How do you get over being scared?
5. Do you have an older & wise friend (or relative) like Mr. Feldman?

“I saw my friends, Dahlia and Leah, running toward us.”
1. Do you have friends like Dahlia & Leah?
2. Where were your friends born?
3. Do you think you would be friends with Tali?
4. What are the qualities of a good friend?

“Ice cream flavors are like the people who live in Jerusalem – all very different, but it’s the differences that make this an exciting place to live.”
1. Do you agree with Mr. Feldman’s statement?
2. Are there different kinds of people living in your city?
3. Does everyone in your city get along?

“Suddenly I thought about the ambulances I sometimes hear.”
1. What do you think of when you hear an ambulance’s siren?
2. Do you ever worry when you are out in public about a “bad thing” happening?
3. What sounds in your city are scary?

“Finally I came to the newspaper clippings folded between the pages of my scrapbook.”
1. Why do you think Tali kept the newspaper clippings?
2. What do you think her parents will say to her when Tali shows them her scrapbook?
3. How will Tali’s relatives in the United States react when they see her Jerusalem scrapbook?
4. How do you feel about Tali’s scrapbook?

“Softly I repeated my birthday wish”
1. What would you have wished for if you w ere Tali?
2. What kind of wishes have you made on your birthday?
3. Do you think Tali’s wish will come true?


1. Purchase Israeli snacks, like Bambas, for tasting.
2. Create a model of the city of Jerusalem using milk cartons, cereal boxes, and other containers. Paint every thing “Jerusalem” gold.
3. Establish a pen pal or “email” program with an elementary school child in Israel (your local temple, synagogue or Israeli consulate should be able to help set this up).
4. Ask friends and family who have been to Israel to share their experience, photographs & souvenirs of their trip/visit to Israel.
5. Ask friends &/or family to discuss their r eaction when they hear about a terrorist incident on TV.
6. Make a scrapbook about your city.
7. Vis it a Senior Center to meet people like Mr. Feldman.
8. Find Israel on a map or globe. Locate Egypt and Jordan, the neighbors that are at peace with Israel.
9. Create & share your personal history.