The Littlest Pair, an opportunity for children to learn about tolerance, insects, animals, & water transportation.

  • Teach children about termites and other insects.
  • Help children learn about the other animals depicted in the story.
  • Help children learn about other types of water vehicles.
  • Discuss tolerance. Why were the other animals afraid of the termites?
  • How do you think the termites felt when they heard the other animals saying unkind things about them? How did the other animals feel when the termites helped them by making sawdust? How should we treat those who are different from us?
  • Conduct a “sink or swim” experiment by letting children discover which objects float and which objects sink.

The Littlest Candlesticks, a celebration of Shabbat and family.

  • · Help children make their own candlesticks like Abby’s.
  • · Discuss how the children celebrate Shabbat &/or holidays in their family.

The Littlest Tree, an introduction to Torah.

  • Learn about the writing of a Torah—that it is written on sheepskin with a feather and that it is bound together in a scroll. Children practiced writing and drawing with feathers as they created their own Torah Scrolls.
  • Discuss Torah mitzvot and create a class Torah.  Teachers photographed children engaged in activities that reinforced Torah values—helping a friend, celebrating Shabbat, feeding a classroom pet, sharing toys, etc.) The photos can be taken with a digital camera and printed in black and white on regular computer paper (the value depicted can be written below each picture). The children decorated the border of the paper with feathers. Throughout the year continue to add pages by taping them together to create a large classroom Torah.

The Littlest Frog

  • Learn about the life-cycle of a frog
  • Ask children if they are ever frightened like the Littlest Frog and how they overcome their fears.
  • Let children pretend they are frogs by jumping, hopping, leaping, etc.
  • Create a classroom mural of the Pharaoh and all the frogs.