Curriculum Opportunities

If you are a teacher, parent, librarian or someone just interested in expanding the experiences a child can have with one of my books,  you can visit my  Curriculum pages.   A sampling of activities:

For Sammy Spider’s First Rosh HaShanah, you can use a picture of Sammy Spider and ask children to help Sammy  find the smallest object in a group of objects,  such as the smallest  apple,  challah, or bowl of honey.

Mitzvah the Mutt communicates without using words. You can do the same by playing a game of charade and/or this “special” game of hide and seek. One person leaves the room and another hides a toy. The other people have to help the person who was asked to leave the room find the object without using any words.

The Littlest Pair is an opportunity for children to learn about tolerance & insects. Teach children about termites and other insects.  Why were the other animals afraid of the termites?

When you read Reach for the Stars, A Little Torah’s Journey, you can compare a Bar Mitzvah today to Yoya’s Bar Mitzvah.

To further explore Tali’s Jerusalem Scrapbook, you can create a model of the city of Jerusalem using milk cartons, cereal boxes, and other containers. Paint every thing “Jerusalem” gold.