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As I hope you know, my great passion is writing Jewish children’s stories. With new organizational alignments at Apple and Honey Press and Gefen Publishing House, it seemed a good time to return exclusively to writing. Apple and Honey Press will continue to accept and review manuscripts via email at                                        

With respect and admiration for your commitment to Jewish children’s writing,

Sylvia Rouss, October 28, 2014

World of Blessings, Inspirational Stories for Jewish Children uses the enriching traditions of Jewish culture and faith to tell five unique stories of courage, caring, rescue, friendship, and dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Whether read aloud to a child by a grandparent, a parent or a teacher, or by the independent young reader, these original stories will inspire leadership, compassion, responsibility for others, and love for family and friends.Published by Apples & Honey Press, March 2013


“A World of Blessings: Inspirational Stories for Jewish Children is an outstanding collection of five special stories, each with a special message of hope and inspiration, love and acceptance…Each story has special suggestions of related topics or areas children may wish to discuss further with a parent or teacher. Stories are in brief chapter formats, and sensitive colorful illustrations help celebrate the themes of each story. “A World of Blessings” is a wonderful collection of inspirational stories written not only for Jewish children, but for all children.”

July 2013 issue of the online book review magazine Children's Bookwatch.

“Real life through Jewish eyes is what Sylvia Rouss brings to readers, touching readers with the beauty, magic, and inspiration for real life living and learning. Compelling, authentic, and poignant, it opens the doorway for discussing important life events and reaffirms the timelessness of Jewish principles. The stories, themselves, are the teachers…be a sponge and drink them in.”

From Robyn Hurvitz and Lynne Lieberman, Department of Professional Development and School Services, Lorraine & Jack N. Friedman Commission for Jewish Education in West Palm Beach.

“Sylvia Rouss has a beautiful way of handling delicate issues through her stories, which speak so clearly and directly to children. This unique combination of stories addresses such diverse topics as illness, marriage and immigration, and is full of lovable characters who teach Jewish values in a gentle, sometimes humorous way. Kids will want to read and reread these beautiful stories, and teachers and parents will love to use them to enhance important classroom and life lessons.”From Barb Gelb, a Wexner Graduate Fellow, who has been involved in Jewish education for over 25 years.

A mother of three teenagers who grew up loving Sammy Spider, she appreciates the value Jewish books have in shaping Jewish identity.

“Shalom Safta is very touching and it really explained how children feel when something or someone that is important to them is gone. Aunt Debbie’s Getting Married! is the funniest, especially when Libby said “no one ever wishes me good luck when I break something on purpose, just Libby, go to your room!” The Rabbi and the Firefighters is a great story for Rosh Hashanah as we too can make sacrifices like the firefighters did. I especially liked that the Rabbi was teaching the firefighters about Jewish traditions. My younger brother Sam liked that people were helping to save the forests and the animals that live in the forest.”

Noah Sperling, 4th grade student at Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School, Irvine, California.

Individual copies are now available for purchase at Amazon.  Price $16.

When nine-year-old Amy offers to help her grandmother recover her worn and stained dining room chairs, she is surprised to learn that her grandmother likes them just the way they are. Grandma’s loving explanation is an amusing and delightful tapestry of Cherished Memories. Published by Apples & Honey Press, 2013.


“What a wonderful story and the illustrations are so vivid and graceful. It is so rare that I am captivated by a children’s book, but this one has such a timely message in an era of disposable products where everything has to be new. The lessons learned by simply talking with one another instead of staring into an electronic screen are clearly shown here. The richness of a multigenerational household with a deep and significant oral history is missed when we don’t spend time together connected to each other rather than a device.”

Dr. Kenneth Decroo, Principal, Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate Middle School.

“We have been told that the best reason to have children is so that you can become a grandparent, and while that may be a little overstated, being a grandparent is very, very special! Sylvia Rouss captures that perfectly in her newest book. It is the joy of experiencing all of life’s little spills, stumbles and scrapes together that creates the rich mosaic of memories. Reading Cherished Memories with our grandsons was an opportunity to remind ourselves of the many special pieces of our family’s mosaic.”

Corky & Howard Parmet, happy and proud grandparents.

“Pat Davis brings Cherished Memories to life through her illustrations that capture all the realistic details ofthe story and the imaginations and emotions of the main character, Amy. Together with the heart-felt story, and lively illustration, I highly recommend this children’s book to all.”

Angela Yap, Mountain News.

Individual copies are now available for purchase at Amazon.  Price $9.95.

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