A Circle of Smiles for Beit Issie Shapiro

I am pleased to share this announcement from the American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro, which announced the publication of “A Circle of Smiles” in their newsletter:

“We are getting closer to the first printing of “A Circle of Smiles,” the book that will teach young children about their peers with different abilities and disabilities. The book, the dream of Amy Slater-Ovadia, former National Milestones Director, will be dedicated to the memory of Amy’s mother, Kerrie E. Slater, and will serve as a legacy to Amy, who created our wonderful Milestones programs. The book, written as a gift to Beit Issie Shapiro by renowned children’s author Sylvia Rouss, is expected soon, and all proceeds will go towards continuing the wonderful work we do at Beit Issie Shapiro. Keep your eyes open for publication, so that your school can be the first in your area to have it!”

Beit Issie Shapiro is Israel’s leading organization in the field of disability. The American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro are dedicated to supporting Beit Issie’s mission from the United States.  The Israeli Hamsa -‘hand’ provides a good model for understanding the five levels on which Beit Issie Shapiro operates to improve the civic rights of people with special needs and ensure their access to the high quality services and programs they depend on.

  1. We provide therapeutic daycare and treatment
  2. We offer a continuum of services to support families
  3. We operate programs that challenge prejudices and promote the inclusion of people with special needs and play an active role in inlfuencing public policy
  4. We engage in research and program evaluation, contributing to the development of knowledge
  5. We educate and train professionals to follow the service models known to work best.